How a Rug Can Change the Looks of Your House

Do you love the change? Especially in your homes. A great coat of paint not enough to make your house look outstanding. You feel you can’t do anything else to change the looks of your house. You can add a piece of rug to your house. Anyone will fall in love with rugs because it not only add style, color preferences and space but it will add more comfort to the house and make it more interesting.


Rugs can warm up the rooms of your house. Yes, you might love the solid or hardwood surface floors, but they can be cold sometimes. Adding an area rugs will warm up the house.

Adding a piece of rug to your house will add more colors and patterns. You must have add some color to plain and unadorned floor. One of the best way of adding color to your plain floor is introducing a contemporary rugs.

You might get disturbed from the sound of footsteps on hard surface but if you use rugs over the hard surface then they will muffle the sound. High heels or just shoes can produce very irritating noise that can disturb anyone.

Whenever you purchase an apartment or house you have to cover some part of floor with rugs. We are sure that you don’t want to hear the annoying sound that is produce from footsteps of others. Modern rugs will keep the sound down and they will make you feel good when you walk over them.

Runner rugs are very soft for any space and for your foots. When you walk on marble or concrete in your house, you will feel tired or even your foots start paining.

635924388727205996When you walk bare foot over the tiles there is a chance that you can slip over it but if you place a rug over tiles then it reduces the chance of getting slipped. You can use the rugs in bathrooms as well. It will keep the place warmth and also it will reduce the risk of getting slipped.

If we consider the factor of design then rugs are in a lot of needs. When you are starting from scratch then rugs are the first thing that you should buy for your room. One of the best benefit of rugs is its versatility. You can use the sisal or coir rugs in summers and silk or wool rugs for winters.

When you use a rug it will also ground your space and it will pull the dinning and sitting areas together. You can add a finishing touch to your room by adding a rug with sofa or chair.

How to Clean Your Rugs Professionally

Whenever you buy a rug, you are investing in something for long term. Whether the reason behind the purchase is monetary and/or aesthetic, it becomes necessary for everyone to keep their rugs looking fresh and plush. Here is the list of things you should do for keeping any of the area rugs, contemporary rugs, modern rugs and runner rugs clean and new for a long time.


For distributing the wear of your rug you must rotate (replace or turn your carpet) at least five times a year.

No need to put your rugs in the areas having high traffic such a front of a door. Always put your rugs to one side of the room.

If you are using rug protectors that are made from heavy woven canvas or plastic strips. But keep one thing in mind that this method can give hazardous results.

Never walk on the rugs wearing a heel especially stilettos, as it can create unnecessary holes in the rug that can cause extreme damage.

Always use castor cups under heavy furniture as it can easily avoid permanent indentation on fiber. Always reposition your furniture.

Never keep your rugs directly in the sunlight as it can cause damage to your rug. It can use fading and premature aging and it can make your rugs silent.

If you can’t avoid these things than you should rotate your rugs twice a month. Yes, it is not so effective on fading but instead, it will create everything more, unvarying colors as it fades.

If we neglect these things then a rug will show ultimate wear from dirt on the surface of rugs which will settle down into the pile and accumulate? You can use the vacuum in the direction of pile and accumulation to avoid the spreading of dirt and lifting damage. You must take care while vacuuming the edges and the fringes (We don’t recommend to do vacuum at fringes) and no need to use the beater bar attachment. These attachments can worsen previously damages areas and tear away loose fibers.

Take one end of the rug in your hand and walk over it to the other end and leaving the rug upside down, it will straighten tangled fringes. If some fringes remain twisted no need to brush or comb them rather you can simply shake the rug.

Antique carpets are more susceptible to the insects as they are not made from silk and wool.

You should check thoroughly for webbing, holes and insect dropping under your contemporary rugs for at least twice a year.

If you still found any of these problems simple vacuum the both sides of the rugs, you can use the upholstery attachments with the nozzle covered with a piece of nylon stocking. Repeat this activity once or twice a week for at least six weeks and for safety’s sake, inspect other areas of the house carefully.

If your carpet is torn or damaged, it contains holes or loose fringes, Oriental Designer Rugs provides quality services to help your carpet look new again!

How to choose the best Area Rugs No Matter What Your Space

There are many good reasons why only area rugs should carpet a room but do you know how to choose the best area rugs for your room? Area rugs provide more comfort and warmth as compare to a concrete, tile or wood floor. They also help provide a unique artistic value to a room. If we consider artwork for floors which actually act as a frame, size does matter and it is one of the biggest concerns for the house owners i.e. how to create that well-balanced space for rugs. In this article, we will guide you how to choose the best Area Rugs No Matter What Your Space.


Buying area rugs mean investment for both visual and financial. They can either make a room or break a room and instantly change the whole look of a room. We have a complete collection of area rugs that can fit with your requirements easily and you can find a rug that can easily match the interior décor of your house. But you must choose a rug by considering both factors in mind i.e. its looks and the way it feels.

Some things to consider when shopping for area rugs:

In what type of lifestyle you live? Do have small children’s in the house? Do you have dogs or cats in the house? If the answer to these questions is yes then while shag rugs is not a good idea in these conditions.

Where you want to locate that rug in your room? Is it a formal place or living room or it is the place where you spend most of your time with your family playing board games?

What is the overall style of the place? Look at the complement the style of your room. There is no need to match everything with the area rug just match it with the tone and texture of the existing furniture.

How easily can a rug be cleaned? A high-quality rug needs to be cleaned at least twice a year so you have to keep this thing in mind while buying a rug. Is it possible for you to take that rug for cleaning or it needed to be picked up?

What do you want to feel underfoot? If you want to feel softer, then natural fibers such as cotton and wool are made for you. Else if you want a deep, lush, pile, synthetic fiber are best fit according to these needs. Jute and sisal can also give softer feel but they are not that warmth as compare to other fibers.

Do you change your interior with every season passing? If yes, then you must look twice before buying any piece of rug. You have to check whether it will work with the next season decoration.

Are you shifting your house after regular intervals? That means the size of the room varies from place to place. So the piece of rug you bought for one house will not work for the other one. I have seen people folding a rug to it fit in a smaller but according to us, it is not a good idea.

Spending some more pennies on high-quality area rugs might be more worthy for a long run than buying a less-quality rug at a low price. However, you want to change things after regular time intervals than less-expensive area rugs will work for you. We tried to cover all the necessary things to check before buying an area rug. These tips will surely help you.